What's Butanoga?
butanoga is a brand that opposes all tranditional and already-established shoe designs. it focuses, rather, on creating new, esthetically-pleasing concepts. matjaž vlah's approach to designing shoes incorporates both personal poetry and subculture. his style, therefore, is quite personal, yet daring, with a hint of alternative tendencies

although it's not the only shoe design studio in slovenia, butanoga is definitely the most unique. designer matjaž vlah created the brand in 2001. his shoe design career began when he was 17, after surviving a traffic accident.

matjaž's customers are audacious and appreciate his love for shoe design. his shoes are handmade, uniquely shaped and utterly unconventional. they truly are one-of-a-kind footwear, custom made and tailored to the customers wishes. their crafted using natural materials, including various types of differently-coloured leather.
The silver&gold color, the bow, the dainty straps—eternal, ladylike, elegant shoe. For work and special occasions.

Bitenčeva ulica 3
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)41 334 701
+386 (0)40 889 898